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Wizzard Light Show is based in Monrovia California. Where it all started back in 1966

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We currently have part time, on an as needed for show, or pre-production, the following positions:

Photographer: 35mm slides; we provide a Cannon AE-1 Program camera and slide film.

There will be some shots needed from various art books. Also shots of individual art work by private artists. If you have personal art that you have created, let us see it. It might become part of the show with your permission.

Transparency maker (we provide the transparency film and master patterns)

Most of these transparencies are black and white. There are a few that will be in color. Mounting is done in a "mat" frame with clear transparency film on each side or "sheet protectors" to protect the original pattern

Glass Stain Slide Artist/Painter (we provide the glass slides and stain)

Glass stain slides will be your own creation. Anything from op-art, blobs, patterns, or anything your mind can dream of.

Color & Black & White slide mounter (we provide the transparencies, slide mounts and mounter)

These will be mounted in standard 35mm slide mounts. Most are glass mounts to protect the original transparency as well as to prevent warpage and to keep it in focus.

Pattern cutter (we provide the materials)

The patterns are cut from 10" X 10" black mat board or paper and are normally done with a scissors or an Exacto knife.

Electronics technician: To build dimmers, speed controllers, chasers, and strobes. Schematic diagrams & parts will be provided.

The strobes are "proprietary" designs. Some are the standard low power U shaped flash tubes similar to what you would find in a Radio Shack box strobe. Others are several times larger. The larger strobes were last used at a Haunted House the family did for 11 years. All that remains are the flash heads. New power supplies and digital trigger circuits need to be built. Still larger strobes need to be built from the ground up. The largest strobe flash tubes we have were used during WW II as air photography strobes. The slow speed (25 ASA) film required a very bright flash. The aircraft would fly over enemy territory, open the camera shutter and punch the flash. The flash would light up FIVE square miles! I have only run these at full power one time and people on the dance floor covered thier eyes. A power reduction was decided upon at 1/4 the normal power. Still these flash tubes are incredibly bright.

Dimmers: Dimmers need to be added to various projectors. Some will be inside the projectors. Others will need to be built in control boxes.

Chasers: Most will be propritiary designs. These will be digital circuits and need to be built from the ground up. Chasers will chase: strobes, Christmas lights, Big bulb (11 or 25 watt) 'stringers'.

Motor controllers: Speed controls. Some will need to be built inside the projectors. Others will be outboard in a control box.

Color and Lobster wheels: These need to be built from scratch. Some will be small; maybe 12" in diameter. Others will be large; perhaps 36" in diameter.


We have several shows planned. Some are freebies and others are paid gigs. If the show gets paid, you get paid. It is NOT manditory you work the free shows but it would be good experiance.

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Please fill out everything.

Be sure to have something in every line.

Even if you just put N/A 

N/A Means "Not Applicable" 

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